Common ways to transfer emails from Thunderbird to Outlook

In this tutorial, you’ll get a glimpse of how to perform conversion of Thunderbird to Outlook. Some of the methods have been explained including both manual as well as automated. Also, you’ll get a proper approach to handle the limitations of these methods.

Every organization uses one of the email clients from a varied pool of email applications available as per their convenience and suitability. MS Outlook and Mozilla Thunderbird are two important email applications that are used by a large pool of audience at their workplaces. But, Microsoft Outlook is having an edge over Thunderbird and other applications because of its advanced features.

Outlook and Thunderbird – An Overview

Mozilla Thunderbird is an open source client featured with emailing, news and chat groups, themes and extensions, managing news feeds, junk filtering etc. It uses .mbox file extension to store its data files.

Outlook email client is a product of Tech giant Microsoft. It is preferred over any other email clients because of its prominent and effective features. It uses .pst file extension and saves all the mailbox contents such as emails, events, journals, contacts, calendars, tasks etc.

There are a plethora of reasons because of that Outlook is much preferred over Thunderbird. Mozilla Thunderbird is not compatible with Exchange server and doesn’t allow scheduling of emails. Also, it doesn’t allow filtering of emails and contains only emails and attachments offering low security as compared to Outlook. Due to all these reasons, many users migrate from Thunderbird to MS Outlook.

Export Thunderbird to Outlook

To migrate from Thunderbird to Microsoft Outlook, you’ll have to export MBOX file to Outlook PST file format. It’s not that much easy task, you’ll have to complete it in two steps. In first step, export it from the source email platform and then import to destination email application. It can be done using some manual as well as automated methods which have been illustrated in the blog. Just, go through these approaches to convert Thunderbird to Microsoft Outlook.

#1 Through IMAP

IMAP, i.e. Internet Message Access Protocol. It’s a standard protocol which allows to create a sync between your email client and another email account in online manner. As such, you’ll be able to access your email account from multiple email clients. Use the following steps to do this.

  1. Using IMAP server, configure the gmail account of yours in Thunderbird.
  2. In gmail, make a new folder and move the messages to it.
  3. Now, in the Outlook, using POP or IMAP server, create the same gmail account.
  4. Download all emails afterwards.

Note: Using this method, you can export only a few emails.

#2 Drag-and-Drop method

In this manual approach, you need to perform two steps for complete migration from Thunderbird to Microsoft Outlook using drag and drop.

Export Thunderbird email messages to EML
  • Select the email messages you wish to export from Thunderbird                        
  • Make a new folder on desktop.
  • Now, drag and drop the email messages you have chosen to the folder you just made on desktop.
Import EML data files to Outlook
  • Launch Outlook and move to the folder where you want to transfer the messages
  • At last, select the EML files in the updated folder and move to the folder of Outlook PST.

Limitations of manual methods

Although, it is a good practice to use manual approach for MBOX to PST conversion to export mailbox contents from Thunderbird to Outlook. But, there are always some limitations associated with manual methods. A large no. of data cannot be migrated manually. Also, manual process consumes a lot of time and if not performed carefully, you might lose your precious data. For a user who did not have prior technical experience may feel difficult to perform MBOX to PST conversion.

Alternative for Thunderbird to MS Outlook Conversion

If you feel it difficult to process manually, you can employ an MBOX Converter to transfer MBOX files to PST format. This is a sophisticated utility designed with advanced algorithm that converts MBOX to PST easily. It keeps a focus on integrity of data and makes your data remain intact. The interface is so simple and user friendly that even a naive user do not feel any difficulty while using it. You are allowed to save the output file to multiple file formats such as PST, HTML, MSG, EML, RTF. This MBOX converter supports 20+ email clients such as Apple mail, Mulberry, Poco mail, Spicebird, Sea monkey etc.

Final Words

In the technical script, we’ve discussed all about Thunderbird and Outlook, methods to migrate from Thunderbird to Outlook including both manual as well as automated approach. Users can follow either of them accordingly.

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