Easy Methods to Secure Office 365 OWA Email

In this era of technology, no one is safe from cybercrime and malware attacks. So through this blog, we will discuss how you can Secure Office 365 OWA Email. Let’s find out how you can Secure OWA Emails in Office 365.

What is Office 365 OWA Email

The Outlook Web App (OWA) is a web-based email client supported by Office 365 for its subscribers. It allows access to your Office 365 mailbox on any computer/PC with the internet through using a web browser. However, accessing your OWA information on any public computer is unsafe. Because sometimes it contains bugs/viruses which can harm your cloud data. Occasionally it also leads to malware attacks which can cause many problems. So we are providing you a solution on outlook web access encrypted email.

Let’s move ahead and learn how to secure and create an encrypted email outlook web app.

10 Best Ways to Secure Office 365 OWA Email

There are many ways by which you can Secure OWA Emails in Office 365.

1. Enable Multi-Factor Authentication

Multi-factor authentication(MFA) is known as two-step verification. It’s a crucial step to consider while creating an encrypted email Outlook web app. It provides a code on your phone whenever anyone tries to log in to your account. The code will send to your registered mobile number. You need to enter the code to access the Office 365 account. Otherwise, no one can access your account. Therefore, it is a better way to ensure the safety of your OWA data.

2. Construct Data Loss Prevention(DLP) Policy

Your data is your asset, and you must protect it at all costs so that nobody can hack through it. So to prevent your data, you can enable the Data Loss Prevention policy(DLP). It ensures data safety by examining every activity of your Office 365 account. The purpose of DLP is to prevent the accidental sharing of crucial information like banking details.

3. Create a Backup of Office 365 Locally

Do you have critical information on your Office 365 account that you don’t want to lose? Then you must create a copy of your Office 365 email data locally as a backup. Because if you lose crucial information, it will be hard to recover it. It is a secure and reliable manner to protect your data from cybercrime and malware attacks.

4. Use Exchange Online Protection

Emails are the most targeted source of malware attacks, spam ware, and viruses. So to Secure Office 365 OWA Email, you must enable the features of Exchange Online Protection. It will block spam emails and other items that can harm your data and privacy. It allows users to maintain a harmonious and secure flow of emails.

5. Enable Information Right Management (IRM)

Information Right Management is a valuable feature to secure OWA emails in Office 365. It allows users to exercise control over their information instantly. Moreover, this feature can prevent the theft of data from unauthorized access and sharing. You can authenticate it by an IRM server in the Exchange ActiveSync mailbox policy.

6. Enable Unified Audit Log (UAL)

When you enable the auditing log for the mailbox, it trails down every record of your mailbox. After allowing the audit log, you can check every activity of your admin account, mailbox, and delegated users in the Office 365 compliance center. It will assure you when and who logs into your account and for what purpose. So it will guarantee Outlook web access to encrypted email.

7. Secure Office 365 Emails by Encryption

Office 365 provides a feature to its users to encrypt their email messages. It allows subscribers to secure OWA emails in office 365 by protecting their data through encryption. To access, the encrypted email messages, the user needs to enter the One Time Password. It protects users from unauthorized sharing and access. With the help of this feature, you will have an encrypted email outlook web app.

8. Disable Auto-Forwarding in Mailbox

Outlook Web App provides a feature for users to enable or disable the auto-forwarding of email messages. It allows emails to automatically redirect by setting up inbox rules. You can disable it to prevent the auto-forwarding of your crucial information and to secure mishappening.

9. Enable Alert Notification

Go to the Security Compliance Center and enable the alert policy to track unusual activity by people with malicious intent. It will notify you of unauthorized access and other abnormal movements.

10. Separate Your Administrative Account

Administrative accounts are the preferred target of hackers for blackmailing and other ill-intent reasons. So to tackle this problem, do not use the admin account for non-administrative work. Instead, create a separate account for non-official business.

All-in-One Solution to Secure Office 365 OWA Email

If you still think that your Office 365 account is not safe, then you can approach a professional solution. We are suggesting you use Office 365 Email Backup Tool. It’s a 100% reliable tool to secure Office 365 OWA email. It allows users to back up Office 365 emails to formats like PST, PDF, EML, MSG, HTML, MHTM, MBOX, etc. You can also migrate data to Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Yandex Mail, Thunderbird, GoDaddy, and other email clients.


In this blog, we have discussed the numerous ways by which you can secure Office 365 OWA email. You can use the above solution to back up your Office 365 emails. But if you are searching for the best and most reliable solution, we advise you to use the professional approach.

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