04 Free Methods to Convert OST to PST without Outlook

Summary: The article explains all about the OST and PST files, and various free methods to convert OST files to PST with Outlook and without Outlook. It also describes how to convert OST files to Outlook PST files with all the possible approaches. Download Now   Download Now

Microsoft Outlook categorized its data files into two types: OST and PST files. OST files contain data downloaded from an offline Exchange Server, while PST files contain data stored in personal folders. If you want to copy your offline OSfile data to another computer, you’ll have to either configure the email client to connect to the server and create a new OST file or convert the OST file to PST file format.

What is the difference between Outlook OST and PST files?

OST or offline storage table (.ost) file, is an offline Outlook Data File that is used by Microsoft OST or offline storage table (.ost) file, is an offline Outlook Data File used by the Microsoft Exchange Server. It enables the users to work with the mail data, even when the mail server is inaccessible. Outlook OST file facilitates the users, with an option that allows a local copy of all the mail data to be stored on the user’s computer. So, these items automatically synced folders when access to the mail server is restored.

PST or personal storage table (.pst) file, is a Microsoft Outlook Data File that creates storage of user’s Outlook data for POP3, IMAP, and web-based mail accounts. These files include all the items within the folders, such as emails, email attachments, events, journals, contacts, and more. These Outlook PST files are supportable on all versions of MS Outlook. In earlier versions of Outlook, these files used to be stored in ANSI format, while later versions (Outlook 2003 onwards) save the PST file in Unicode format.

Why Does Need to Convert OST to PST in MS Outlook?

Let us dig out some reasons that led the users to convert Outlook OST to PST file format.

  • Sometimes, Exchange Server gets crashed unexpectedly displaying errors and making mail data inaccessible.
  • During server downtime and maintenance, users have to import OST files to Outlook to access them.
  • Recovery of all the mail data on the Exchange Server can be done using this process.
  • While syncing, OST files might get corrupted and .ost file become inaccessible.
  • While working, some frequent errors arise. To overcome that, this process is helpful.

Free Methods to Convert OST Files to PST with Outlook

To access the Outlook data files without any glitches, one must export Outlook OST to PST file format. You can take the help of the below-mentioned manual methods to convert multiple OST files.

Method 1- Using the Import/Export Wizard

One of the most authentic methods is converting OST files to PST files. It is one of the remarkable options to import Outlook OST to PST in Microsoft Outlook. You can follow these steps for this:

  1. Open the MS Outlook 2021, 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010, or any other previous version
  2. Go to the ‘File’ menu in the menu bar and select the ‘Import & Export’ option
  3. An ‘Import and Export Wizard’ will be opened, select ‘Export to a File’.
  4. After that, select ‘Outlook data file’(PST) format from the given options
  5. Ensure that you have selected the checkbox associated to ‘Include subfolders’ and Click on Finish.

Now, all your exchange OST mailbox data will be transferred or moved to another location on your computer once it is available in the PST format.

Method 2- Using the Archiving Method

Outlook facilitates the users to archive OST file data by moving the OST mailbox folders to PST file format. It also helps you to increase Outlook mailbox size. Follow the below steps to complete the process:

  1. Open the MS Outlook application.
  2. Click on the ‘File’ menu and select ‘Archive
  3. Select the folder(s) or file(s) that needs to be archived
  4. Choose the destination location for Archive storage on a computer.
  5. Now, Click on ‘Finish

Method 3- Drag and Drop Mailbox Items

Using the method of Drag and Drop mailbox items from OST to PST file format is one of the best ways to convert data from OST file to Outlook PST. To accomplish this, you’ll need to make a blank PST file in Outlook and then drag and drop the desired mail items from the OST mailbox to a new PST file.

But, there are certain limitations associated with the drag-and-drop method. You will have to repeat the process for every mail item that needs to be moved to the PST mailbox. This process is very time consuming and has to be done with utmost care as a single mistake may lead to data corruption.

Limitations to Manual Methods

However, manual methods are useful to users in many ways. But, at the same time, there are limitations with them which are:

  • Difficult to change inboxes, contacts, and calendars to PST format.
  • Users may need to create a new Outlook data file to reorganize the data.
  • Individual OST file conversion may take a longer time to complete.
  • A small mistake may lead to data corruption and loss.

Convert OST File to PST without Outlook Using Trusted Solution

These manual methods might be effective for some users, but for some others, they may not be helpful. So, there is an alternative solution for them. In that scenario, they can use a professional Microsoft OST to PST Converter. This is one of the reliable and authentic methods to convert an OST file to a PST file format in MS Outlook. Also, this software focuses on data integrity to prevent the loss of data during the conversion of an OST file.

Easy Steps to Convert the OST File to PST without Outlook:

  • Run the Microsoft OST to PST Converter on your system.
  • Select an OST file from your local machine.
  • Click on the Next button and preview OST file mailboxes.
  • Select OST email items and click on Next.
  • Now, choose Save As options PST from Software Wizard.
  • Click on the Convert button and convert deleted OST files to PST format.


The blog stated all the possible methods to import Outlook OST to PST in Outlook 2016 in the best possible way. There were manual methods that do not involve any cost but required utmost care and are time-consuming. Those, who do not have that sort of time can try a professional OST to PST Converter. Hope this article helps all the users seeking an effective method how to change OST to PST without deleting or rebuilding OST files. Thanks for visiting this blog.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Which is the software convert OST to PST file for free without Outlook?

Ans – The Microsoft OST Converter is professional software that converts your OST file to PST for free up to 50 email items per folder without Outlook.

Q. How to Convert an OST File to PST file in 5 Minutes?

Ans – Export the OST File to PST in 5 Minutes using following steps:
1. Run OST Converter software on your local machine.
2. Select an OST File from the system.
3. Click next to preview the email content.
4. Choose Save As PST options and Click on Next.
5. Now, Convert your OST file to PST file successfully.

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