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Convert EML file to PDF

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Summary: The most frequently asked question is “How to convert EML to PDF with attachments,” hence in this blog, we will provide you with the best solutions to convert EML file to PDF. There are manual techniques as well as expert EML Converter Software, which can quickly convert many EML files to PDF files with attachments.Download

Most email clients, programs, and servers employ the Electronic Mail Format (EML) extension. An email message’s EML file includes the email’s content, subject, sender, and recipient information, and any attachments, which email clients like Apple Mail or Outlook can use.
While Adobe’s 1992 creation, Portable Document Format, is a commonly used file format. Since then, it has emerged as the preferred file for exchanging documents for personal and professional purposes. A PDF file comprises various components, including text, fonts, URLs, tables, graphics, and photos. Because they can be easily seen on several platforms. However, other reasons also lead users to change EML to PDF file formats, as described in the next segment.

Why Need to Convert an EML File to a PDF?

There are many reasons to convert EML file to PDF, but the following are some common ones:-

  1. EML files can only be helpful in some specific email apps, while PDF files are accepted on practically every platform.
  2. EML files are not secure, on the other hand, you can password-protect a PDF file and keep your information safe and secure.
  3. PDF files don’t require internet access, whereas EML files can be opened with an online connection only.

The aforementioned data highlights that you should convert EML files to PDF to make shared content accessible while preserving privacy and security. Therefore, in the below section, you will find the best methods to save EML file as PDF.

Most Preferred Approaches to Convert an EML file to a PDF

Now let’s look at three distinct approaches to convert EML file to PDF. These methods include two manual methods and one professional solution, read to the end and decide the best solution for yourself.

Method 1: Convert EML to PDF for Free Using Thunderbird

One of the most widely used email applications, Thunderbird, supports EML files and lets you save saved EML files as PDF files. To export EML to PDF, adhere to these steps:

  1. Launch the Thunderbird app on your computer.
  2. Add your EML files to Mozilla Thunderbird after that.
  3. Right-click on the folders containing EML email messages to choose them.
  4. Select Export all Messages in the Folder under ImportExportTools NG.
  5. Select the PDF option for saving.
  6. To choose the preferred location to save your data, click the Browse option.
  7. To download the EML messages as PDF files, click Ok at the end.

By following the above steps you can save the EML file as PDF.

Method 2: Convert EML File to PDF Using MS Outlook

Another well-liked email software that supports EML files is Microsoft Outlook; all you have to do to view, open, and read an EML file is drag it into Outlook. Additionally, Outlook provides the ability to print important emails or save them in PDF format for printing.

  1. Open MS Outlook on your computer.
  2. Drag and drop the selected EML files into Outlook.
  3. Click on the File button once you’ve located your email message in Outlook.
  4. From the left panel, select the Print option.
  5. Go to the Print tab by clicking Print Options.
  6. The Name drop-down menu should have an option for Microsoft Print to PDF.
  7. To save EML email messages as PDFs, select Print.
  8. Give the file a name and a saving destination then press Save.

By following the above-outlined steps you can export your EML files into PDF file format.

Method 3: Convert EML File to PDF Using Third Party Solution

EML Converter is the most effective and trustworthy tool for saving EML files as PDFs. Users can convert both single and numerous EML files to Adobe PDF format using the software, which is simple to use. Since it is accessible to both Windows and Mac users, compatibility is not a problem, this EML to PDF Converter Online is the best. Follow the below steps to convert EML to PDF with attachments:

  1. Download and Install the EML Converter.
  2. Select which EML files to scan.
  3. View the EML file before conversion and then click Next.
  4. Choose Save As PDF from the drop-down list of alternatives.
  5. Click the Convert button to convert EML files to PDF format.


In this blog, you can find several methods to convert EML file to PDF. The manual ways for converting EML to PDF are trustworthy. However, they have also noted that using this method to convert several EML files with attachments to PDFs is ineffective. In light of this, we advise all blog readers and users to utilize a practical method for converting EML to PDF with attachments.

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