How to Transfer Emails from Outlook to Gmail Step-by-Step

Summary: MS Outlook is one of the most popular email clients in the world. However, Gmail provides a safe and convenient environment for users to operate their day-to-day activities. Therefore, many users switch their email clients or work with both email providers simultaneously. So in this blog, we will explain how to transfer emails from Outlook to Gmail, including a professional Outlook Converter Tool that can solve all your problems in just a few clicks. Download Now   Purchase Now

The most widely used email services in the world are Outlook and Gmail. Both platforms include various tools and functionality to aid customers in effectively managing their emails. Gmail is well-liked by individual users because it is straightforward to use, unlike Outlook, which is frequently favoured by businesses and professionals due to its sophisticated calendaring and scheduling functions. Therefore, we describe the solutions to migrate Outlook emails to Gmail without harming your data.

Methods to Transfer Emails from Outlook to Gmail

You can find various ways to migrate emails from Outlook to Gmail on the internet, but most of them are complex and demand technical expertise to carry on. So, in this section, we are facilitating some easy and secure procedures to do the same.

Method 1: Transfer Outlook to Gmail Using IMAP

With the help of MS Outlook, you can migrate your emails into Gmail by configuring your Gmail account in Outlook, then copying all your Outlook data, and then dropping it into Gmail. It is an easy and reliable process for small data migration, as the steps are mentioned below.

Step 1: Activate Gmail IMAP Setting

  1. Login to your Gmail account.
  2. Open the View All Settings option from the Gear icon.
  3. Select the POP/IMAP tab and then click the Forwarding tab and turn on the IMAP setting.
  4. Lastly, click the Save Changes option to save changes.

Step 2: Configure Gmail to Outlook

  1. Open the Outlook application on your system.
  2. Go to the File tab >> Add Account.
  3. Provide the needed information and click on the Connect button.
  4. Verify your Gmail address, and click the Next button to move forward.
  5. Enter your password for Gmail, and then click the Sign-in button.
  6. To give Microsoft apps and services access to your Gmail account, click the Allow option.
  7. Now you see your Gmail account on the Outlook interface.

Step 3: Migrate Outlook to Gmail

You first need to make a new folder and then copy the content of their Outlook files onto their Gmail accounts to export Outlook emails to Gmail. So adhere to the guidelines below.

  1. Simply right-click the Gmail account, give it any name, and press the “Ok” button to create a new folder.
  2. Press Ctrl+A to pick the emails at this stage.
  3. Select the Recently Created Folder to continue with the Outlook to Gmail email import.
  4. Wait till the procedure is finished.

This is the simplest method that you can use to transfer your Outlook messages into Gmail. However, this solution is lengthy, requires technical expertise to complete, and demands knowledge of Outlook configuration. Moreover, you must be careful while performing the above procedure because even a single mistake can cost you your important data. Therefore, to avoid any misfortune, we describe a better way to migrate Outlook emails to Google Mail.

Method 2: Transfer Emails from Outlook to Gmail Using Automated Solution

Outlook Converter is a top-notch tool to transfer Outlook file data to Gmail with 100% data integrity and the original form of data hierarchy. It is advanced software that allows users to convert single as well as multiple Outlook PST files into other file formats with self-intuitive and easy-to-use GUI. Moreover, you don’t need any other application like Outlook to operate this utility.

Step-by-Step Guide to Migrate Outlook Files to Gmail

  1. Download and run Outlook Convert in your system.
  2. Select the Single File or Multiple File/Folder option to add the required PST file.
  3. Check the folders, and preview all PST emails you want to migrate.
  4. Click the Next button and select Gmail from the Save As option.
  5. Utilize the software’s other capabilities after successfully authenticating your Gmail login.
  6. Click on the Convert button to start the migration process.
  7. Now, all your Outlook data files are transferred to Gmail successfully.


Through this blog, we have explained the best ways to transfer emails from Outlook to Gmail. We have described a manual solution capable of migrating your Outlook data to Gmail, but it also has many disadvantages that can cause many problems if not handled properly. Therefore, we have included an automated approach to move Outlook to Gmail. Well, it is up to you to choose any of the above solutions as per your requirements.

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