Is Outlook down? How to Fix Outlook Mail Server Issue

Summary: Is Outlook down? Don’t worry, in this blog, we will explain several methods to fix Outlook server down error. There will be several tips to fix your MS Outlook server errors in just a few clicks. Additionally, we will also include a professional approach consisting of the Backup Tool that can take a backup of your Outlook. Download Now   Purchase Now

Outlook is one of the most used email clients throughout the world and over 400 million uses Outlook for their business and personal purposes. It is managed and operated by Microsoft which provides the utmost security to its server. However, due to the increasing number of users regularly, the tech giant has some issues managing the downtime of servers. Due to that, users have to sometimes face the issue of Outlook being down. In addition, MS Office does not open or respond sometimes, which leaves the users stranded. So let’s move ahead to see some reasons why Microsoft Outlook down.

Why is Outlook Down or not Working?

Is Microsoft Outlook having problems today? Then the reasons mentioned below may be the cause for that, so let’s know.

  • Your internet connection is not working or is not stable.
  • The Work Offline option of Outlook may not be toggled.
  • You may not have the latest updates from Microsoft.
  • The Microsoft server settings may be irregular or inaccurate.
  • The Windows time and region settings may be hindering the working of the email services provider.

All the above points may be the reason behind your Outlook not working. However, if it is down from Microsoft’s end, you cannot do anything but wait for them to fix it. But, if you can view the working status of Microsoft on the Service site, then it may be an issue from your end. So, try the below hacks to eliminate the problem that causing the Microsoft Outlook outage.

Is Outlook down? Try the Tips to Fix Outlook Down Issue

The following tips can help you to fix your Outlook server issue, so perform as described below.

  • Restart your email application or the Web Browser. Sometimes, due to the memory issue, the browser does not allow some permissions hindering the performance of the email client. Closing and opening the program again may clear this issue.
  • Similarly, restart your computer to view the results. The temporary or cache files can create a problem in the working that gets cleared up when you restart your computer.
  • Clearing the browser cache can also allow you to view your emails and get your Outlook back up as they fill the memory and can create problems.
  • The DNS cache should also be cleared to make sure it works properly. To flush it, you use the command prompt. In the Command Prompt app, type ipconfig /flushdns and then press Enter.
  • The Outlook down issue is mostly due to internet connectivity issues. To make sure your internet does not have any problems, restart your Router. Shut off your router and wait at least 30 seconds before you start it again.
  • You also need to disable the add-ins to ensure the smooth working of your email account. These add-ons hinder the sending and receiving of emails resulting in the inefficiency of the application.

You can fix the Outlook down problem using the above hacks. Nonetheless, if you are still unable to solve the issue of the Exchange server not working, then you can go for another solution.

Backup Outlook Data Using Third-Party Tool

No matter how safe MS Outlook is, you should always keep a backup of your data in case of an emergency. For that, we are introducing the Backup Tool, which is one the best software. It is the most efficient utility that allows users to take backups of emails, contacts, calendars, tasks & notes into different popular file formats such as PST, PDF, MBOX, EML, MSG, MBOX, etc. Additionally, it is compatible with every version of Windows OS and MS Outlook. So we suggest, you should always protect your data by creating multiple backups.


Is Outlook Down? Then the above write-up is for you, which has provided several hacks that can solve Microsoft Outlook issues today. However, if you are a regular Outlook user then you know, how important is it to have a backup of your data. Therefore, through thorough research, we have discussed a top-notch tool that can create a backup of your Outlook account in many file formats and email clients.

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