Instant Solutions to Export Apple Mail to Outlook for Mac & Win

Summary: This blog will explain the best methods to export Apple Mail to Outlook. We will describe a manual process to migrate your Apple Mail data to Outlook. Additionally, we will also include an automated approach (MBOX File Converter) that allows users to directly import Apple Mail to Outlook on Mac. Download Now   Purchase Now

A Brief Introduction to Apple Mail and MS Outlook

Apple Mail is a default email client that provides users with a user-friendly interface and a range of features to manage their email accounts. It is a convenient and integrated email solution for Apple device users, enabling them to manage their emails effectively and stay connected with their contacts and information.

Outlook for Mac and Windows, on the other hand, is an email client affiliated with Microsoft. It is an email client popular throughout the world because of its extraordinary features. In addition, it allows users to send and receive email messages and manage their calendars, contacts, tasks, etc.

Why Need to Export Apple Mail to Outlook

There are many reasons why users migrate their Apple Mail to Outlook, and we have described some of them below.

  • Exporting Apple Mail to Outlook allows users to have seamless collaboration and communication across different platforms, ensuring compatibility with Windows-based systems and other email clients.
  • Outlook is widely used in many organizations and other professional settings, making it crucial to export Apple Mail to Outlook to ensure smooth email exchange and collaboration with colleagues, clients, and partners.
  • Outlook offers advanced features such as calendar management, task tracking, and integration with the Microsoft Office suite, providing enhanced productivity and organization capabilities. Therefore, users shift from Apple Mail to Outlook.

These common reasons lead users to migrate from Apple Mail to Outlook. Now let’s move ahead to learn the methods to move emails from Apple Mail to MS Outlook.

Best Methods to Export Apple Mail to Outlook

Here, we will elaborate on some of the latest methods to migrate Apple Mail to Outlook for Mac. You will find the manual as well as professional solutions to transfer Mac Mail to MS Outlook. So let’s get to the point without any delay.

Method 1: Transfer Apple Mail to MS Outlook Using Gmail

The manual method of importing MBOX files into Microsoft Outlook is not available directly. However, a workaround involves configuring an IMAP account in Apple Mail and copying the data to this account. Then, the same Gmail account can be configured in Outlook to access the copied data. The steps are as follows

  1. Create a new Gmail account and enable the IMAP option in its settings.
  2. Configure the Gmail account in Apple Mail.
  3. Copy all mailbox data from Apple Mail to the Gmail account.
  4. Configure the same Gmail account in Outlook.
  5. All Mac Mail emails will now appear in Outlook.

By following the above instructions, you can convert MBOX to PST. However, the above procedure is quite complicated and requires technical expertise to operate successfully. Therefore, we are going to include an automated solution for a risk-free migration of Mac Mail emails to Outlook PST.

Method 2: Export Apple Mail to Outlook Using Automated Solution

MBOX Converter is the ultimate utility to convert Apple Mail to Outlook with 100% precision and accuracy. You can choose MBOX files of any size and remove duplicate items during the conversion process without any issues. Moreover, it has an attractive GUI that allows users to have a smooth and easy migration of data.

Step-by-Step Guide to Transfer Apple Mail to Outlook

  1. Download and run MBOX Converter for Mac.
  2. Now, choose the option single file or multiple files/folder to add.
  3. Click the Browse button and select the MBOX files you require.
  4. Check the folders you want, preview the emails with attachments, and click Next.
  5. Select Outlook PST as your saving format.
  6. Use other facilities and features provided by the software.
  7. Select the Path to Save button and set a destination to save the resultant file.
  8. Click the Convert button to start the conversion process.


Through the above write-up, we have described the possible methods to export Apple Mail to Outlook. We have explained a manual solution but it is an indirect process. So that many users may find it hard to perform because it demands technical expertise and time. Therefore, we have included a professional approach that allows users to transfer Apple Mail emails to Outlook PST with a smooth and straightforward user interface and features.

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