How to Open EML File on Mac OS?

Windows Live Mail usually supports EML and it is a Windows application. So it becomes really difficult for the non-windows users to view EML files on other operating systems. There are some users as well those who want to know how to open EML file on Mac but due to file incompatibility, they are unable to do so. Therefore, in this blog, I would share some of the easy techniques through which you can easily access the EML file on a Mac-based operating

Needs for Opening Windows Live Mail File on Mac

It is obvious that all the user doesn’t use only one operating system. There are multiple operating systems available in the market. So there are some Mac users as well who might receive an EML file in through emails but they are unable to access it. Well, it is not so difficult to open and view an EML file on macOS.

Techniques to View EML File on Mac

There are basically two ways to see the EML file content with all the attachment. The first method is the manual method that requires the Apple Mail application to be there on the system. Secondly, you can use the professional tool like Mac EML Viewer and convert the EML file into PDF format. Both methods have their own uniqueness.

How to Open EML File on Mac

It is a common fact for a Mac user that it has an inbuilt application known as Mail. So, you can open the EML file using Mail Application on the Mac OS. You just have to follow the steps given below: –

  • Open the mail where you have received the EML
  • Download it into the Mac PC.
  • Make a Right Click on the file.
  • Hover the Cursor on the Open with Option to
    explore the mediums.
  • Select the Mail Application and click on it.

You can also rename the file extension to .mht or .mhtml and
open it in the modern browser on Mac.

You can open your EML file through the Apple Mail application that is present in the Mac operating system. But you will be only able to see the text part but not the attachments of the file. If in case, you are unable to open EML file on Mac with attachments using manual method then you have to try a professional tool. You can use the Mac EML Converter for executing the pending task.

Professional Method

The professional method for viewing or open EML file Mac is to download the EML Converter for Mac software. This tool will help you to convert the EML file into various other file formats or export emails to Outlook, Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Office 365, IMAP Server, etc. If you are willing to learn how to open EML file on Mac or Apple Mail, then you can convert it to MBOX. For a universal acceptance of the file, you can convert it to a PDF file format. As we all know that PDF file is a universally accepted file format. You can view the PDF file on all the operating systems.

So according to me, it would be better for you to convert EML files to PDF in order to open it on Mac. The manual conversion is quite difficult, so you can take the help of Mac EML Converter.

Steps to View EML file on Mac as PDF

  • Download and Launch Mac EML Converter.
  • Add the
    EML file
    into it that you have recently downloaded.
  • Now Select the Saving as PDF.
  • Select Maintain
    Folder hierarchy
    option and then continue.
  • Select the Destination
    of the File.
  • Now, the saving process will start.

Once the EML file is saved in the form of PDF format on Mac, you can easily view it with all the attachments. This is the safest method for accessing the EML file on an Apple Laptop. If you find the manual method easy then you can apply it as well and easily learn How to open EML file on Mac OS.

Features of Mac EML Converter Software

  • Widely Supported on all the versions of Mac
    Operating System.
  • Supports all types of EML files of Windows Live
  • Converts EML file into PDF, MBOX, and various
    other file formats.
  • Demo and Free Version is also available for
    software evaluation.
  • Easy to operate and saves a lot of time.

Finally, you know all the techniques for how to open EML file on Mac. You can try the manual method as well if you have the Mail application pre-installed on the system. If in case the application is not present, then you have to take the help of the professional Mac EML Converter software. The ball is in your court and you have to decide which method would be the best. I hope you learned a lot of things from this article.

About The Author:

Mithilesh Tata is an Email Migration and Data Recovery Expert. He has a keen interest in Technology & Entrepreneurship. Also, he loves cricket, music, and books.


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