2 Free Methods to Repair Corrupted Outlook PST File in Easy Steps

Summary: Are you searching for a solution to repair corrupted Outlook PST file? Then look no further. In this write-up, we are going to explain two different ways to repair the corrupted Outlook PST files. There will be a manual and a professional method by which you can easily repair Outlook pst files. If the manual process doesn’t work, you can also try Outlook PST Repair Tool to recover PST files professionally. Download Now   Purchase Now

MS Outlook provides users with a feature to save their data in Personal Folders file (.pst). It contains information about your email messages, calendar events, and other items from your Exchange mailbox. But sometimes PST files get corrupted due to abnormal system shutdown, Window crashes, and incorrect closing of Outlook. In this case, you might not be able to use your Outlook account properly and face many issues and errors. Well, there are other reasons which can corrupt your PST files. So before learning how you can repair a corrupted Outlook PST file, let’s know some of its common causes.

Reasons of PST files Gets Corrupted

Some common causes that can lead to PST file corruption that you should be aware of, so let’s get started.

  • Sometimes PST files get damaged due to technical hardware issues.
  • Well, as you know, every Outlook version has a different size limit for PST files, and large PST files are more vulnerable to corruption.
  • The wrong termination of the Outlook application can also damage your PST files.

These are some common reasons that can corrupt your PST files. Hence, the question is, “How to Recover Corrupted Outlook PST Files”. So without any delay, let’s move to the solution part of this problem, where we will explain the methods to repair Outlook data file (.pst).

Method 1: Recover Corrupted Outlook PST Files Using ScanPST.exe

There is a built-in utility that Outlook provide to repair the corrupted PST files called ScanPST.exe, also known as the inbox repair tool. Let’s look at the working process of this tool to learn the steps mentioned below.

  1. First of all, close Outlook app properly and Browse to the location that are described below.
    • Outlook 2016:C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\root\Office16
    • Outlook2013:C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office15
    • Outlook 2010:C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office14
    • Outlook 2007:C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office12
  2. Go to the Microsoft Outlook inbox repair tool.
  3. In the tool’s interface click on the Browse button. After that, start the process of relocating the corruted PST file.
  4. Now hit the Next button to start the scanning process.
  5. After completion of the scanning process, click on the Repair option to recover the possible damages.
  6. Now a message will pop on your screen after successfully recover of your PST file, click on the Ok button to finish the process.

By following the above steps, you can repair a corrupted outlook PST file. However, this method is problematic and causes several issues while performing the above steps. Some of the above manual method’s limitations are mentioned below.

Disadvantages of the Manual Method

There are some demerits that can harm your PST files beyond repair; some of them are described below:

  • If you are recovering your damaged PST files using this method, then you might face data loss at the point of any single mistake.
  • You cannot recover corrupted PST files larger in size.
  • The ScanPST.exe tool can only repair minor issues.
  • To perform this method correctly, users need to have technical expertise.

To avoid this limitation and to repair PST files with reliability and security, we suggest you use the professional method.

Method 2: Repair Corrupted Outlook PST File Professionally

Outlook PST Repair Tool is a magnificent software to repair corrupted PST file into a healthy one. It can restore and open PST file in Outlook. The tool also restores the user’s data stored in the PST files, such as emails, calendars, contacts, events, to-do lists, journals, etc.

Steps to Repair corrupt PST file

  1. Download and Run Outlook PST Repair Tool.
  2. Select Open to browse Outlook PST file.
  3. Select the Recovery mode and press Ok to start the scanning process.
  4. In the Folder list, select which you want to restore and click Save.
  5. Choose the save as option for your output file EML/DBX/MSG/PST/MBOX or others.
  6. There are other built-in features provided by the software.
  7. Click Ok to start the recovery process of mailbox data.

By following the above steps, you can quickly repair Outlook PST files with ease and reliability. It is the best software and solution to all your problems.


As shown in this article, there are two methods to repair your corrupt PST file manual and professional. In comparison, the manual method is quite complex and challenging to use by non-technical people. However, if the manual process doesn’t work, you can opt for the professional procedure. Moreover, the professional solution is very reliable and provides 100% security. Well, it’s up to you; you can choose any of the above solutions at your convenience. But we suggest you use the professional process to repair corrupted Outlook PST files without harm.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is the tool used to repair corrupted PST files?

Ans – Scanpst.exe is one such ideal utility of Microsoft which is used to repair your corrupted PST file. If your PST file is severely corrupted then you can use a professional Outlook PST Recovery tool that will easily repair your PST file when Scanpst does fail.

Q. How do I repair Outlook PST file without ScanPST?

Ans – If you want to repair corrupt PST files without ScanPST then you can use the professional Outlook PST Recovery software which is used for repairing PST files in MS Outlook.

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