How to Open PST File in Outlook?

how to open pst file

Nowadays Outlook has become the need of the day. It not only keeps your information handy but also runs many errands on behalf of you. You use it for sending your email, to set up your calendar events, and to create a task. There are end numbers of tasks that are taken care of. Outlook usually supports PST file and you must know how to open PST file in Outlook.

Have you ever wondered “where all this information is stored?” I have the answer to your question.

In Microsoft Outlook all your messages, contacts, appointments, Calendar events, etc. are automatically stored at two different locations:

  • At your personal storage folder, that is also known as .pst file on your local computer in an offline Outlook Data File.
  • In your mailbox that is located on the server of Microsoft Outlook.

Now we know where and how the Outlook stores its files. The next question arises on how to operate those files. In a layman language how to open PST file or add PST file to Outlook?

Steps to Open PST File in Outlook

Note: these steps are for the Microsoft Outlook 2010/2013/2016/2019.

  • Click on File to open.
  • Then click on Account Settings.
  • Navigate to Outlook Data Files and click on Add, select to open a PST file.


  • Click on File.
  • Navigate to Open & Export and click on Open Outlook Data File.
  • Select .pst file you want to open.
  • The PST file will appear on the left pane menu.

Hence I have discussed how to add/open the PST file in the latest versions of Microsoft Outlook. there are certain people who have the older version of outlook configured in their systems. Now I will be discussing the steps for how to open PST file in the older versions.  You can also try third party application to add a PST file into any version of MS Outlook. You can watch out this video given below:-

How to Open a PST file in Microsoft Outlook 2007

Quick guide:

  • Go to Tools > Account Settings.
  • Navigate to Data Files and click on Add.
  • Choose Office Outlook Personal folders File and open a PST file.
  • It will appear in the left pane menu.

Now I have discussed all the steps for how to open PST file. If these methods don’t work out in your case, then there might be a chance that your PST file has become corrupted.

Major Causes of Outlook File Corruption

  • Issues related to the hardware: any sort of physical tempering to the sector in which that PST file is stored, may cause corruption to the Outlook PST file.
  • Abrupt Outlook Termination: when you close the MS Outlook application suddenly then it prevents the system to save your data hence that causes the PST file to get corrupt. So from the next time be careful when you save your PST file.
  • Large PST File: In the older version of Outlook, users could only save up to 5GB data. That became quite difficult where a large number of data files had to be transferred. Anything data file exceeding the size limit caused the PST file to hang or crash. You need to split this large .pst file to accesss the data.
  • Virus Attack: Sometimes the malicious virus attacks your server which hampers the MS Outlook interface which further corrupts the PST files.
  • Bad Recovery Software: Often the recovery tools harm the PST files instead of repairing them.

So these are some of the causes which corrupt the PST file and prevent you from accessing your Outlook mailbox. In this post, I have discussed the ways to add/open the PST files in outlook.

If you are still unable to open your PST file, then all you need is the third party assistance. Outlook PST Repair Tool the best choice to repair the corrupt PST file. It is user-friendly and highly recommended by the recovery agent. As soon as you run and launch the tool it fixes all the minor and major errors. This software has advanced features which will fix the highly corrupted PST file.

Repair PST File and Add PST File to Outlook

Steps to Adding PST File:

  1. Launch MS Outlook PST File Repair Tool on your system. Click open>select the corrupt PST file for recovery.
  2. The corrupt PST file can be viewed in the edit box. Now select the recovery mode. Click Ok to continue the process.
  3. The scanning process will start.
  4. In a short while, the scanning process will complete. Click OK.
  5. Now click on any of the mailbox folders in the tree structure to check the preview.
  6. Select the folder from the mailbox that you want to recover. Click on Save.
  7. Browsed to specify the location for the new PST file.
  8. Select the desired location in your system where you want to save the file. For Eg. Desktop. Hit OK.
  9. Now define other options like hierarchy, start adding PST to Outlook and Data range. Click OK to start the saving process.
  10. The saving process will start on your system.

The manual method can resolve minor errors. In order to resolve the highly corrupted file, third party consultation is the must. They are much sought out and easy to use as compared to manual methods. They also restore the deleted Outlook mail items in your Outlook account.


Thus to conclude I have discussed all the necessary inputs on how to add/open the PST file in outlook. At some point in time, PST files become inaccessible to handle. Corruption of the file is one of the major reasons for the PST file to become inaccessible. Some of the errors can be fixed just by updating the software whereas others may take hours to fix the errors. In my blog, I have discussed solutions to resolve the issue How to open PST file in Outlook.  Thanks for reading this blog.

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