Easy Ways to Remove Password from PST

In this blog, we will discuss how you can easily remove passwords from Outlook PST files. You can password protect your PST files but sometimes users forget the password they have used to encrypt their PST files. In this case, you cannot access your PST file data without the password. So we are providing a solution to remove Outlook password access your PST files.

MS Outlook is a popular email client that allows its users to send and receive email messages and manages tasks, calendars, and contacts. Outlook users frequently take backups of their data in PST files to secure Outlook information in a safe location. Moreover, users encrypt their PST files to protect them from unauthorized sharing and access. Sometimes they forget the password and thus they cannot access the saved PST file. The problem is that you cannot decrypt a PST file using Outlook. As a result, your PST file data is locked until you decrypt it with a third-party app.

Fortunately, there is a perfect way that can help you to remove your forgotten password with the confidentiality and data integrity of your Outlook information. Let’s move ahead to learn the procedure to retrieve outlook password through the most secure and hassle-free way by the methods described below.

Best Method to Remove Password from Encrypted PST File

This is a reliable way to removes your Outlook PST file password with the help of the Outlook application.

Follow the Given Steps to Remove PST Password Quickly

  1. Firstly, log in to your Outlook account.
  2. Open File >> Account >> Account Settings.
  3. Select the PST file from which you want to remove the password and click Next.
  4. Here, select the Change Password button in the Outlook Data file Window.
  5. Now, fill in your old password in the Old password box. And then create a new password.
  6. Click OK to notice the change.

Note: There is a drawback to this method and that is you can only follow this method if you remember your old password. Follow the below method to

Alternative Solution to Remove Password from Outlook PST

PST Password Remover software is the best utility for your PST password recovery. You can reset or crack the password of the PST file with the help of this tool. It is the most reliable and secure software to crack PST file passwords and unlock emails, tasks, contacts, calendars, etc. This tool is in all solutions to your problems, and various benefits attract users to download this utility. Some of its advantages are given below.

Benefits of Automated PST Password Recovery Tool

This tool provides a lot of facilities to ease the work process of your PST password removal through an ultimate user-friendly interface. It is the most trusted software by users worldwide. Now, let’s move ahead to know the benefits of this software.

  • Users can effortlessly recover the PST passwords of Outlook with no hassle.
  • You do not need to install any other application or Outlook to remove the PST password.
  • This tool can store all the decrypted passwords in a file or a clipboard.
  • It decodes both ANSI as well as UNICODE types of versions of Outlook.
  • This software supports all versions of Outlook and is widely compatible with all Windows OS.
  • It also recovers the hidden encrypted passwords that are concealed behind the asterisk(*) marks.
  • Provides a user-friendly interface for both technical and also for non-technical people.

These are the few advantages of the PST password remover tool. Let’s get on with it to learn the procedure to retrieve Outlook password.

Follow the Steps to Remove Password from PST in MS Outlook

PST password remover software is a simple and secure tool that can crack any PST file password without any hassle or complications. To remove your forgotten PST password follow the steps mentioned below.

  1. Download and Install the PST Password Remover tool on your computer/PC.
  2. Go to the Select File icon and choose the PST file option.
  3. Now, your PST file show on the right side of the panel’s interface as a locked icon.
  4. In this wizard, click the Remove Password button to eliminate the earlier password from the PST file.
  5. Finally, an unlocked icon will appear beside the File Name.
  6. In the last step, you can provide a new password for your PST file by clicking on the Set Password button.

By following the above instructions, you can successfully remove the Outlook PST password with ease and utmost security.


In the above context, we have discussed the best and most reliable way to retrieve outlook password with data confidentiality. In case you forget the password of your encrypted PST files. It is the most secure software you can find online to remove the password from Outlook PST files. PST Password Remover tool provides a user-friendly interface with no technicalities. You can also download its free version to explore the tool’s facts and features in depth.


Q. Where is Outlook PST password stored?

Ans – The password protected PST files are stored in the Windows Registry. In older versions of Outlook, the location of the protected PST changes to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Protected Storage System Provider.

Q. Which is the best software to remove password from PST file?

Ans – Outlook PST Password Remover is the best software that easily remove password from password protected or encrypted PST file instantly.

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