05 Instant Ways to Open OST File (without Outlook) on Windows

Summary: This article explains the best tools that are highly specialized to open OST file without MS Outlook on Windows. Here, we will describe the top 05 OST Viewer software that can easily open any OST file.Download

OST is an offline storage file in Microsoft Outlook that allows users to work offline through OST files, and the data gets automatically synchronized when you again connect to the Exchange Server. Moreover, it only supports Outlook; you cannot open it with any other email client.

05 Ways to Open OST File Without MS Outlook

There are various solutions on the internet that can efficiently assist you in opening an OST file with the help of MS Outlook. But here we will mention the finest tools that can open any OST file with data integrity and 100% security.

  1. MS Outlook Help OST File Opener
  2. Aryson OST Viewer
  3. Sysinfo OST Viewer
  4. CoverterTools OST File Viewer
  5. Cigati Outlook OST File Viewer

1. MS Outlook Help OST File Opener

OST File Opener is a top-notch software tool that allows users to open, view and read OST files without any data loss. With the assistance of this tool, users can easily open OST files and preview the mailbox contents like emails, events, calendars, contacts, journals, etc. It has the best GUI, which is user-friendly for both technical and non-technical users.

Key Features :-

  • Efficiently open OST files without the use of MS Outlook.
  • You can also export data to HTML file format.
  • It can display the mailbox items like emails, calendars, events, journals, contacts, tasks, etc. with 100% data integrity.
  • It can open the data of both corrupted and normal files.
  • The tool is compatible with all Outlook versions, including Outlook 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007, and 2003.

2. Aryson OST Viewer

This OST Viewer tool is specialised software in opening inaccessible and oversized OST files without Outlook or any Exchange Server. Using this software you can also read OST files and emails and export them to PDF with attachments.

Key Features :-

  • You can easily view OST File content such as email, contacts, calendars, tasks, notes, etc.
  • It has a feature to provide a preview of OST files in detail with their attachments.
  • Using this tool you can add multiple OST files at a time and read items one by one.
  • It supports OST files of all versions of Exchange Server and MS Outlook.
  • This software provided an option to preview deleted OST file email items and saved them as TXT, HTML, PDF, and other file formats successfully.

3. Sysinfo OST Viewer

This tool is one of the advanced OST Viewer software to view, read, or open OST file without MS Outlook, irrespective it is healthy or corrupted. In addition, it is independent software that doesn’t require any other application to open the OST files.

Key Features :-

  • Highly specialized in opening corrupt OST files and displaying all the mailbox data.
  • It has a technical feature of Auto-detection of the file information before displaying the mailbox.
  • There are three scanning modes to open the corrupt OST files to deliver the best results.
  • You can export and save the OST file in HTML file format.
  • It creates a log file and saves at a user-defined location containing the information of file scanning.

4. CoverterTools OST File Viewer

It is a professional solution that allows users to open and view Exchange OST files with 100% data authenticity. It specializes in opening and accessing both healthy and corrupt OST files. Moreover, it helps users to preview various email content like mailboxes, contacts, calendars, etc. With the assistance of this OST utility, users can view OST files without installing Microsoft Outlook or Exchange Server.

Key Features :-

  • Open and view OST File Data without installing Outlook.
  • Using this software you can easily view healthy as well as corrupt OST files from the mailbox.
  • Facilitate an option to preview mailbox items like emails, contacts, calendars, tasks, etc.
  • It provides several Scanning modes as per the corruption level to handle them effectively.
  • Compatible with OST files created by all versions of MS Outlook.

5. Cigati Outlook OST File Viewer

Cigati Solution provides a secure OST File Viewer to open Outlook OST files with authenticity. It has an outstanding GUI to support users needs at first priority to deliver the smoothest experience of opening OST files in bulk.

Key Features :-

  • It can open healthy OST files as well as corrupt OST files from the mailbox.
  • You can easily access the OST files and view OST Data without Outlook installation.
  • According to the level of corruption, three scanning modes are available.
  • It supports all versions of MS Windows OS and OST files of Outlook without any assistant application.
  • Easy and smooth interface, so that a non-technical user also can easily handle its GUI without any hassle.


Through this blog, we have described the top-notch software to open OST file without MS Outlook. They all have the best features and functionalities to efficiently open single and multiple OST files with outstanding GUI. Therefore, you can choose any of the above, but we suggest you go with MS Outlook Help OST File Opener to experience the best results in all criteria.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do I open an OST file online?

Ans – You can use trusted OST File Viewer software that helps to open an OST file online without Outlook.
Follow the Steps to Open OST File Online with Outlook:-
1. Download and Run OST Viewer Software.
2. Select the OST file from your system and open.
3. Scan an OST file and preview the items of the OST file.
4. Choose Save as Options from software wizard.
5. Select the path destination to save the preview OST file items.
6. Click on the OK button and save the OST file items.

Q. Which is the best software to open OST file without Outlook?

Ans – OST Viewer is one of the best software that opens your OST file without Microsoft Outlook on Windows. The software views or reads OST file emails in detail for forensic investigation.

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