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  • Updated on August 10th, 2023

Summary: In this article, we have listed the needs for Lotus Notes to PDF conversion. Also, you can learn three methods to export Lotus Notes email to PDF format. Additionally, we have explained the most reliable and trustworthy software, such as NSF Converter Tool, using which the process can be done smoothly and quickly. Download Now   Purchase Now

Lotus Notes is a prominent email service among enterprises. It provides many enterprise-type features such as user directories, file sharing, instant messaging, etc. It stores all the mailbox items in NSF file format. And the Data in NSF Files cannot be accessed without Lotus Notes.

Therefore, to open the NSF Files, many users convert Lotus Notes to PDF to access certain emails and mailbox items in other applications. To create a backup of Important data files while migrating from Lotus Notes to another email client, convert the NSF file format to PDF. Before moving toward the methods, let’s discuss in detail why users want to export Lotus Notes to PDF documents.

Why Users want to Save Emails from Lotus Notes to PDF

There are multiple reasons why users want to convert Lotus Notes emails to PDFs. Let’s look at them now:

  • In case users want to save their emails in hard copy format. But IBM notes cannot be printed. So converting it into a PDF format can be the best option.
  • Sharing PDF documents can be the best choice, as it consumes very less space on the system.
  • In addition, regardless of the program or operating system you are using, you can open a PDF file.

However, these are the primary needs due to which users want to export Lotus Notes email to PDF. Now let’s proceed with the possible detailed methods to accomplish this task most easily.

Methods to Export Lotus Notes to PDF Document

There are multiple methods available to convert Lotus Notes emails to PDF documents. Let’s discuss some of the methods along with their step-by-step procedures, such as:-

Method 1: Use Microsoft Outlook and MS Outlook Word to Convert NSF to PDF

To implement this procedure, follow the steps, such as:-

  1. Firstly, Create two new folders named Notes EML Emails and Notes HTML Emails on your System.
  2. Select the Lotus Notes emails that you need to export in PDF format. Drag and drop these emails in the Notes EML Emails folder.
  3. In Outlook, open the emails stored in Notes EML Emails.
  4. Navigate to the File menu in Outlook and click the Save option. Then choose the HTML from the list of options to save the emails in HTML format.
  5. Save the HTML emails in the folder Notes HTML Emails.
  6. In Microsoft Word, open the HTML emails, select the file, and choose Save As.
  7. Provide the destination for saving the emails, and in the Save as type menu, opt for the option PDF (.pdf).
  8. At last, Save all emails, one by one, in PDF.

Method 2: Use Adobe Acrobat PDFMaker to Convert Lotus Notes to PDF

Adobe Acrobat has an Adobe PDFMaker feature that helps you to create PDF files in a known authoring application. Some of them, such as MS Office and Lotus Notes, are in a few easy steps. In an Adobe Acrobat application, the feature PDFMaker is automatically added as an Adobe PDF menu and PDFMaker toolbar.

To export Lotus Notes email to PDF, use the Adobe PDF menu in the Lotus Notes Action menu. Also, you can convert multiple Lotus Notes folders to PDF By choosing.

Action > Convert Selected Folders (s) To Adobe PDF.

To export Lotus Notes emails, you can also use the PDF toolbar. In case the Toolbar is not visible, follow these steps:-

  1. In Lotus Notes, Navigate to File > Preferences.
  2. A pop-up dialogue box will appears, Choose Toolbar > Toolbars.
  3. Then, in Acrobat PDFMaker, Choose the option Visible.

The Above methods are the complete manual Techniques to convert NSF to PDF format. However, these methods possess some disadvantages that can be risky in a long way. These manual techniques do not support bulk conversion. Additionally, there is no certainty that the output result is accurate.

So to avoid such a scenario, we suggest the perfect alternate solution that can help the users to convert Lotus Notes emails to PDF format. Using the automated tool will be the perfect solution among the other third-party solutions. Let’s further discuss this tool in detail.

Method 3: Expert Solution by Using NSF Converter Software.

NSF Converter software is an advanced tool to convert Lotus Notes to PDF format. It can convert to many other file formats, such as Outlook PST, EML, MBOX, MSG, Office 365, Gmail, Yahoo, IMAP, AOL, etc. Let’s proceed and discuss the software working procedure in a proper step-wise Guideline.

Software Working Procedure to Export Lotus Notes Email to PDF

  1. Download, Install, and run the NSF Converter Software.
  2. Navigate to the Select Files option and choose the NSF files from your system.
  3. After this, the tool automatically scans the NSF file, and you can preview it on the right panel.
  4. Choose PDF file format from the left panel on the next page
  5. Utilize additional features provided by the software.
  6. Select the path to save options to set a location to save the output file.
  7. Click the Convert button to start the conversion process.


To export Lotus Notes email to PDF is a confusing task. However, we have explained the three methods to convert NSF files to PDF format. You can opt for any of the three methods, depending on your requirements. However, we suggest the quickest and easiest solution, using the above-described tool to convert Lotus Notes emails to PDF in a hassle-free manner.

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