Free Methods to Convert Exchange EDB to PST in Easy Steps

Summary:- In this blog, we will tell you the most reliable and secure way to convert EDB to PST. There are manual methods that are capable of exporting your EDB files into PST file formats. However, we have also included a professional solution that can solve all your problems relating to the conversion of EDB files into PST, which consists of the best EDB to PST Converter Software.

A database file called EDB is used by the Exchange server’s back end. All window search index data is maintained and stored by a Microsoft Exchange extension. However, because there is so much data and content, EDB files frequently become very large. PST files, however, retain contacts, events on the calendar, and emails. It’s a file format that Microsoft products like Microsoft Outlook, Windows Massages, and Microsoft Exchange Client support. PST files are password-protected and conveniently portable to prevent unauthorized access. Therefore, users are switching from EDB to Outlook PST to enhance their performance and productivity. Hence, without any further delay, let us get started.

Best 03 Methods to Convert EDB to PST

There are various methods to exchange EDB to PST; therefore, we are providing you with the best approaches to export EDB files into MS Outlook. So let’s move to learn the methods to extract PST from EDB.

Method 1: By Utilising the Exchange Admin Center Export EDB to PST

Using the Exchange Admin Center, you can convert your EDB files into Outlook PST files. So follow the steps below to initiate the process.

  1. You have the option to convert EDB to PST through the Exchange Admin Center. To convert your mailbox data to PST file format, follow the procedures below.
  2. Begin by logging into your Microsoft Exchange account, going to the Exchange Admin Center, and selecting Recipients>>Mailboxes.
  3. Right-click on the mailbox you wish to extract and then select it.
  4. You will find an Export to PST wizard here; select the mailbox by clicking the browse button. Click Next.
  5. Click Next after deciding where to save the exported mailbox data.
  6. Include other necessary features and make sure the option for managing mailbox emails is checked.
  7. To finish the process, click the Finish button.

Method 2: Another Way to Export EDB Files to Outlook PST

If the previous one doesn’t work. You can quickly export the contents of your Exchange mailbox into Outlook using a tool provided by the Exchange Management Shell. Note: Ensure that Exchange Server 2007 and later versions are the only ones that support this technique.

    1. Use the PowerShell cmdlet “New-MailboxExportRequest” to launch the Exchange Management Shell and run the PowerShell cmdlets shown below.
      [New-MailboxExportRequest -Mailbox“<Mailbox name>” -FilePath” “<destination file path>”]
    2. As shown in the example below, grant the mailbox title you wish to transfer and provide a location for your extracting EDB file.
      [New-MailboxExportRequest -Mailbox -FilePath \\MNPTEA56-PC9\PST Dat\Jeremy_PST.pst]

You can exchange EDB files into PST format using the aforementioned procedure. These manual approaches do, however, come with certain drawbacks that can harm your data, which might not be restorable. In that case, we suggest you use the professional solution, which is described below.

Method 3: Ultimate Way to Convert EDB to PST – Professional Solution

EDB to PST Converter is a specialized program for quick and easy export of the mailbox from an EDB file to a PST file. It is 100% dependable and simple to use. You can also convert EDB files to other file types, including PDF, MSG, ELM, and MBOX. It can export even corrupted EDB files to PST files. Additionally, it offers a variety of built-in capabilities, like three recovery modes and the Remove Duplicate Emails. It is a hassle-free solution that offers straightforward methods to convert EDB to PST file.

  1. Run the EDB to PST Converter tool on your Windows system after installing it.
  2. Select the EDB file and the version of the EDB file. A Snapshot image from the database of earlier processes is another option.
  3. Select the recovery mode that best suits your needs, then navigate to the Template file and press the Next button.
  4. Examine the EDB data preview, choose the folders you want to transfer, and then click the Save button.
  5. To streamline your emails and eliminate duplicate things, select “delete duplicate emails” and “date range.” After choosing a saving format, click Next.
  6. Create a new PST file or include it in an already existing one. then press the Next key.
  7. Finally, your EDB files are converted into Outlook PST.

By following the above instructions, you can easily exchange EDB to PST.


To summarise this blog, we have discussed the best techniques to convert EDB to PST file format. There are two manual methods that are reliable if you are from a technical background; if not, we suggest you use the professional solution to convert EDB file to PST efficiently and with data integrity.

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