Convert Multiple MSG to PDF with Attachments


Written By
Suman Rawat

Updated on
February 1st, 2023

Summary:- This article explains the best methods to convert multiple MSG to PDF with attachments. There are several methods that can help you with solving all your problems relating to the MSG to PDF conversion, which include manual as well as professional solutions. We have also included the best MSG Converter software that can export your MSG files in a few clicks.

What are MSG and PDF Files?

MSG files are provided by Microsoft Outlook to export and store communications. It is a proprietary format that is inaccessible to outside software, and only Outlook stores it. The headers and the body of the message are just ordinary ASCII text. Additionally, it contains attachments as well as hyperlinks.

Whereas, Adobe is a widely used and secure file type. You can use Adobe PDF to view documents in most internet browsers, thanks to the platform-independent nature of PDF. Additionally, you can open, exchange, and print your emails without needing email programs or other supplementary apps if you save Outlook MSG emails as PDF files.

Why need to Convert Multiple MSG to PDF?

There are various reasons that lead users to export their MSG files into PDF file format with attachments. So let’s continue to learn some advantages of PDF over MSG files.

  1. Outlook stores a lot of data in MSG files, therefore it gets full with time and then you need to delete some of the data to make the MSG file function again.
  2. Using PDF you can backup all of your MSG file into a single PDF, which is more manageable and easy to store.
  3. PDF files are very portable, unlike MSG which is only supported by MS Outlook. Hence convert MSG to PDF to share it with other online platforms.
  4. Users also export MSG data into PDF as evidence to show court and legal cases.

These are some of the merits of converting MSSF files into PDF. Now let’s move forward to learn the methods to save MSF to PDF.

Best 03 Methods to Convert MSG to PDF

There are several approaches that can change your MSG files to PDF files, but here we will describe the best and most reliable ones. Therefore, without any delay let’s get to the point.

Method 1: Convert Multiple MSG to PDF Using the Print Option

This is the best method for converting Outlook message files to PDF format. Export MSG file to PDF by following the methods listed below.

  1. Open MS Outlook, then select the MSG file you require to convert.
  2. Press Ctrl+P to open the print dialog.
  3. Select Adobe PDF as your printer and then click Print.
  4. Press Enter to convert the MSG files into PDF.

Method 2: Convert MSG to PDF Using Outlook & Word

This is another process to convert Outlook message files to PDF format. So convert MSG to PDF by following the methods listed below.

  1. First, open an MSG file in Microsoft Outlook.
  2. Go to the File menu.
  3. Then, choose Save As.
  4. Now, save the file in .html format in the specified location.
  5. Right-click the .html formatted file and then choose Open With MS Word.
  6. Here, choose Save As from the File menu in Microsoft Word.
  7. Select the .pdf extension to save the file in PDF format.
  8. Finally, your MSG file is converted into PDF format.

These are all the simplest manual methods that can help you to convert multiple MSG files to PDF. However, these methods consist of many disadvantages that can damage your Outlook MSG files if handled improperly. In this case, you can also face problems like data loss or misplacement of your precious information. To solve this issue, we are introducing you to the professional’s choice to save MSG files to PDF.

Method 3: Convert Multiple MSG to PDF in Bulk - A Professional Approach

MSG Converter is the best software that allows the most efficient way to batch convert MSG to PDF free. It provides various different file formats to export MSG files, like PST, EML, CSV, MBOX, and HTML. You can also know the details of your selected MSG file, such as Total Message Count, From, Subject, Received Date, Email Messages, and Attachments files.

  1. Download and launch the MSG Converter Tool.
  2. Select the File or Select Folder option to browse the MSG file that you want to convert.
  3. Here, double-click to preview the mailboxes of the selected MSG file.
  4. Select PDF as a saving option from the drop-down menu.
  5. Use the required features provided by the software and then set a path for the output file.
  6. Click on the Convert button to export the MSG file to PDF.


This article explains the best methods to convert multiple MSG to PDF with attachments. There are several methods, including professional as well as manual solutions. All the above-described procedures are reliable however, the manual solutions are not fully safe and require technical expertise to perform. So we suggest you choose the professional solution to convert MSG to PDF in bulk.