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PST Compact Tool
A fast and effective software to compress large-size PST files.

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The PST Compact Tool is a quick solution to reduce the size of large PST files. It effectively compresses the Outlook data file without damaging the content. The tool provides various features that make the PST compression more suitable for the user. Apart from that, the software is kept easy-to-use so that every new user can easily compress PST files into smaller documents. Moreover, the software has a full-featured demo version to evaluate the performance and features of complete software.

  • Single and multiple PST file selections for compression.
  • Offers file preview feature to display the PST file content.
  • Multiple compress options are available to make the process feasible.
  • It has the option to leave the attachment files from compressing.
  • Compress and save the email attachments at a separate location.
  • Customize the destination path to save the reduced PST file.
  • Safe and reliable software to reduce PST file size
  • Offer a simple and interactive graphical user interface.
  • It has a full-featured trial version to evaluate the tool.
  • It is a widely supportable software and compatible with all windows.
Salient Features of Outlook PST Compact Tool
Multiple File Selection

Multiple File Selection

PST Compact Tool has a feature to select multiple PST files at a time. So, you can reduce the size of more than one PST file. You can compress a complete folder of the PST files. Multiple file selection is a necessary feature because it saves time and effort. You need not select one file at a time.

Display File Preview

Display File Preview

Before reducing the PST file size, the PST File Compress Tool displays the data in the file content. It shows the mailbox items available in the file. You can select any desired folder to compress Outlook PST files. Also, you can even read the email content. Therefore, you can choose the correct mailbox item to compact PST file size.

Advanced Compress Options

Advanced Compress Options

The PST File Compact Tool provides various features that facilitate PST file compression. After checking the preview, you can select different compress options as per your preference. It customizes the PST size reduction as you want. You can compress emails with or without attachments. Similarly, you can save attachments separately.

Avoid Attachment File

Avoid Attachment File

While reducing the PST file size, you may want to leave the attachments. The Outlook PST Compact Tool has a feature through which you can avoid all email attachments from compressing. In the Compress Option Panel, you can select the Remove all Attachments from the new PST file option. It will compress only emails available in a file.

Compress and Save Email Attachments

Compress and Save Email Attachments

If you want to compress attachments along with emails, the PST compressor offers such a facility to the users. You can opt for the Compress all Attachments in the new PST file option. It reduces the attachment size and saves them along with emails. Also, you can save the email attachments at a different location.

Custom Saving Location

Custom Saving Location

After reducing the PST file size, the tool provides a feature to define the saving location of the output document. You can give a destination path manually. Select the Path to Save option and assign the desired location. If you do not mention any particular destination, the tool will save the compressed PST file at the desktop by default.

Additional Features of Outlook PST Compact Tool
Safe and Reliable Tool

Safe and Reliable Tool

The PST Compact Tool is safe and reliable software. It does not harm the data during the size reduction and maintains the data integrity. Therefore, your precious data is free from file corruption. Also, no malicious program can affect the PST compress tool. So, there is no chance of a data breach or data theft.

Interactive User Interface

Interactive User Interface

Most of the time, the software has a poor graphical user interface. It becomes difficult for the user to navigate the software. They can not find the desired options and are unable to compact Outlook PST file size. It is not the case with the PST File Compact Tool. It has a simple layout such that a naive user can compress the PST file easily.

Full-Featured Trial Software

Full-Featured Trial Software

Apart from numerous features, the software offers a trial version to evaluate the performance and characteristics of the full software. You can download this demo version free of cost. It has all the functions of the full software except the unlimited PST file compression. So, it can reduce the size of only limited PST files.

Widely Compatible

Widely Compatible

The developers of Outlook PST Compact Tool designed the software considering the user's requirements. The utility is compatible with every version of the Windows operating system. It works well in every update of Windows. Therefore, you can download the tool and compact Outlook data file size in your windows 7, 8, or 10.

Outlook PST File Compress Tool Trial Version and Full Version

Software Features Trial Version Full Version
Compress PST file and reduce their size Only 50 files All
Select Multiple files at a time    
Preview the content of files before compressing them    
Advanced features to make the PST file compression more feasible.    
Simple and interactive GUI for easy navigation    
Safe and secure tool that maintains the data integrity    
Compatible with Windows 7, 8, 10, and other versions    
24*7 Tech support    

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Frequently Asked Questions of PST Compact Tool

How do I compact a PST file using the PST Compact tool?

You can reduce PST file size by following the steps below.

  • Download and install the PST file compact tool.
  • Select the desired PST document and press Next.
  • Check the file preview and choose the mailbox items. Click on the Next button.
  • Select an option from the Compress option panel.
  • Click on the Path to Save button and define a saving location.
  • At last, click on the Convert button to compress the PST file.

Is there any file size limitation in the PST File Compress Tool to reduce the PST file size?

No, there is no file size limitation in the Outlook PST Compact Tool. It can compress a PST file of any size into a small document. Also, during the process, the file content will remain intact.

Can I compress the corrupted PST files through this utility?

No, You can not reduce the size of a corrupted PST file. For that, you need to repair the damaged PST document using an Outlook PST Repair Tool. After that, you can use the software for file size reduction.

I have various PST files, and I want to compress them all. Does this software provide a feature to compress multiple files at a time?

The PST Compressor allows you to choose multiple files and compress them all at once. Select the Multiple File option and then pick the desired PST files to reduce their size. This feature saves your time and effort.

Is there any feature to leave email attachments while reducing the PST file size?

Yes, you can leave email attachments while compressing the PST file size. You have to tick the Remove all Attachments from the new PST file option in the Compress option panel. It allows you to shrink Outlook PST file size limit without email attachments.

Can I save the attachments at a different location in my system?

The Outlook PST Compact Tool also offers the Compress all attachments in the new PST file option. You can reduce the size of a PST file by compressing the emails and Attachments in the file.

How can I change the saving location of the log file and temp file?

The default saving location of the log file and the temp file is C:/User/this/Document and C:/User/this/AppData/Local/Temp respectively. However, you can change the destination of these files. The log file and temp file option appears when you launch the tool.

Is there any demo version to evaluate the performance of complete software?

Yes, the PST Compact tool has a trial version through which you can evaluate the features and performance of the full version of the software. The demo version is free of cost and only allows the reduction of the limited PST files. After that, you need to buy the complete software.

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