05 Easy Ways to Recover Permanently Deleted Emails in Outlook

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Summary: Don’t panic if you’ve ever permanently deleted or misplaced a crucial attached file from a Microsoft Outlook email; it happens to the best of us. And there is a simple technique to restore Outlook objects you believed you wouldn’t need anymore. You can also recover irreversibly destroyed files. Hence, in this write-up, we will explain 05 easy ways to recover permanently deleted emails in Outlook. Or, you can also use the Outlook PST Repair Tool directly, which allows users to recover permanently deleted emails from Outlook PST files.Download

Email is still the primary method of essential communication today. Even though email accounts are generally secure places to store your important data, emails might occasionally disappear. Therefore, don’t panic if you unintentionally erased some emails or if they disappeared while going through your Inbox. You should have a little issue receiving your emails back.

Moreover, you don’t lose your information when you permanently delete an item from Outlook. Because Microsoft Outlook still has these emails saved elsewhere. Simply put, they remain hidden from normal life for at least a few weeks and occasionally much longer. You now have the option to recover permanently deleted emails in Outlook.

Circumstances When You can lose Outlook Emails Permanently

Email accounts are generally secure, but you may lose emails for a variety of reasons. Therefore, emails associated with your account or device may frequently be unintentionally deleted, lost, or unavailable. So that, if your emails are temporarily lost, you should normally be able to recover them. You might lose emails in a variety of conditions, including the following.

Unintentional Errors: While shifting folders or removing spam emails, it’s occasionally possible to remove important emails by accident. This can also happen when the account filter settings are in place.

Accessing Emails on an Unreliable Network: Accessing your email account across a shaky network or internet connection might be risky. By doing this, you open your Account to virus assaults that could erase your emails.

Filters for Email Accounts: Most accounts have spam and undesired email filtering systems. However, this security system may occasionally result in the deletion or sending of valid emails to the garbage folder.

Unused Account: If you don’t login in for a predetermined amount of time, such as 365 days or two years, most accounts become inactive. After this extended period of inactivity, the data in these accounts—including images, drive storage, emails, etc.—is automatically deleted; therefore, you cannot access it again.

In case of Account Breach: If your Account is compromised or a hacker gains access to your emails and deletes them, your emails may be lost or erased.

These are some primary factors that can lead you to delete emails in Outlook permanently. But you don’t have to worry about this because we will provide you with the best methods to recover Outlook permanently deleted Emails.

05 Easy Methods for Recovering Permanently Deleted Outlook Emails

It is quite impossible to recover Outlook permanently deleted emails unless you utilise data recovery software. You can still recover the emails if you haven’t deleted them entirely. So, here we are providing you with several methods that can help you to restore deleted emails in Outlook. We will also provide you with the ultimate solution to Recover Permanently Deleted Emails in Outlook. Therefore, let’s get started with the most reliable methods stated below.

Method 1: Reclaim Deleted Emails of Outlook from Trash

The Trash is where all things that are not permanently removed end up, and deleted Outlook emails are no exception. Therefore, the first place you should search if you accidentally delete emails and are trying to recover them is Trash.

  1. Locate the emails you wish to recover from the trash by opening the Trash folder.
  2. To find certain emails, you can also use the search option. When you locate them, pick the email, then click “restore.”

Method 2: Recover Deleted Outlook Emails from Deleted Items

Outlook has a few internal procedures in place to retrieve deleted emails and the “Deleted Items” folder is one of them. Your deleted emails are kept in the Destroyed Items folder for 30 days before being completely deleted. Follow the instructions below to retrieve your data from the “Deleted Items” folder.

  1. Both the Web and Desktop versions of Outlook have a folder called Deleted Items. You only need to find the folder to see a list of emails that have been removed.
  2. The emails will be saved to their original location after you choose them and click on “Recover.” You will need to decide where they will be saved in the desktop version.

Method 3: Retrieve Deleted Outlook Emails through the Archive Folder

The Auto-Archiving feature of the Outlook Desktop client is one of its outstanding features. If you have this enabled, you can easily recover permanently deleted emails in Outlook 2016. For corporate users, this feature is turned on by default. It’s not for regular users. So, only using this fix requires that you have this functionality enabled. The Auto-Archiving function is also exclusive to the Desktop app.

  1. Launch the ‘Outlook’ app and head over to ‘Archive’.
  2. You can find all of your archived emails here. You have the option of recovering individual emails or selecting all of them.
  3. Click on move after selecting the emails to move them to the inbox folder or another folder of your choosing.

Method 4: Recover Deleted Emails Outlook through the Recoverable Items

It’s time to use the “Recoverable Items” folder if “Deleted Items” does not assist you in recovering deleted emails or if you have cleaned out your Deleted Items folder. to apply it;

  1. Open the “Deleted Items” folder and then select the link labelled “Recover item removed from this folder.”
  2. Simply check the box next to the “Recoverable Items” option to select all of the recoverable items. You must choose each file individually if you wish to recover a specific file. Now select “Restore.”
  3. You can either save these recovered files to the folder they were originally deleted or to the Deleted Items folder.

Method 5: Recover Permanently Deleted Emails in Outlook Using Third Party App

Best Outlook PST Repair Software is an ultimate tool to retrieve permanently deleted emails in Outlook. Using this software you can easily repair corrupted Outlook PST file and restore them into new PST, EML, DBX, MSG, and MBOX. It has the best user friendly features that facilitates three different modes to perform recovery on Outlook PST files: Standard, Advanced and Deep recovery mode.

Follow the below steps to recover permanently deleted emails in Outlook:

  1. Download and Set Up the PST Repair Tool.
  2. Click Open to browse the Outlook PST file.
  3. To begin scanning, choose Recovery mode and click OK.
  4. Pick the file you wish to restore from the Folder list, then hit the Save button.
  5. Select the save as file format like EML, DBX, MSG, PST, or MBOX format from the drop down menu.
  6. Here, choose the additional features provided by the software.
  7. To begin the process of mailbox data recovery, click Ok.


In the above write up, we have explained the best solution to recover permanently deleted emails in Outlook. Additionally, we have provided you with several methods to restore deleted items in Outlook. With the assistance of this blog you can solve all your problems related to the corrupt and inaccessible Outlook PST files. Hence, choose the above methods as per your requirement. However, in case of recovering permanently deleted Outlook emails the best option is the PST Repair Software.

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